Your solution to shiny white teeth

  • Try an effective method for teeth without discolouration
  • Eliminate coffee, tea and cigarette teeth stains
  • Get a gorgeous smile
  • Boost your confidence
  • Whiten your teeth even by 14 shades

iBright is a revolutionary teeth whitening product. The secret of its effectiveness lies in the unique formula based on sodium perborate. Thanks to the revolutionary formula your teeth will be even a dozen or so shades lighter. You can achieve this result thanks to the whitening gel and an LED lamp. Do not wait. Whiten your teeth in the comfort of your own home with iBright!



It's time to act! iBright guarantees results! Teeth whitening has never been so fast.


iBright is a unique product whose key ingredients can help you achieve the effect of whiter teeth in only a few days. One of the ingredients sodium perborate is a source of active oxygen. This ingredient guarantees better oxidation and faster results. Hydroxyapatite crystals make the whitening gel stick to teeth stains so whitening is even more effective. The natural pH of the product protects your enamel and makes iBright entirely safe and natural.




Plaque is mainly caused by drinking coffee, tea, red wine, fruit juice or smoking. Avoid everything what can damage teeth enamel. If you are not able to quit drinking coffee or smoking, at least limit the intake. Use whitening toothpaste every day. Its ingredients will help you maintain the results for longer.


Remember about regular dental check-ups. Teeth start to go yellow when plague gathers on them. That is why you should visit your dentist every 6 months to remove the plague. What is more, if you want to do teeth whitening at home, you cannot delay your dental appointment. Only healthy teeth can undergo whitening treatment.


With iBright, you will have whiter teeth in only a few days. Depending on the chosen treatment intensity, your teeth can be even 14 shades lighter! iBright guarantees whiter teeth in a natural, safe and easy way.



iBright kit contains a thick gel which, when applied on teeth, fills all fissures for great whitening effect, LED lamp with blue light, teeth shade guide to define the desired results, elastic mouth tray which can be easily adjusted to your jaw and clear instructions. The whole kit guarantees result just like at dentist's office.


  • Sodium Perborate
  • Natural pH
  • Hydroxyapatite crystals

Whiter teeth even in 5 days!

Scientific research shows that teeth whitening at home is as effective as whitening at the dentist's. The only difference is the time spent on the treatment and costs. Teeth whitening at home is done gradually! You only need a few sessions to achieve the desired results. iBright will make your teeth whiter in only 5 days! Our product has been tested and is recommended by dentists. That is why you can safely use it.



D.D.S. Darius Jonas

"The ingredients of iBright are 100% safe for the enamel which is confirmed by Food and Drug Administration. The natural pH reduces teeth sensitivity, and sodium perborate gives almost instant whitening effect. Hydroxyapatite crystals intensify the overall results. Thanks to the crystals gel adheres better to teeth.

D.D.S. Isabel Wehmeier

"I run a private dental clinic in Germany and a high-quality service is a priority for me. I use only best products and materials in my practice so my reputation is really good. For those patients who wish to whiten their teeth, I recommend iBright. I also use it in my dental office. I don't even hide it from patients that it is the same product which they can order online. Most of my patients come back for consecutive treatments and recommend my dental office to their friends and family. "

D.D.S. Maria Zachary

"As a doctor, I always have to be up to date with medical knowledge and dental news. I do it by taking part in medical conferences. During those meetings, doctors always discuss new products assessing their impact on our patients' health. The last conference for dentists which I took part in was on whitening products. An international group of dentists has presented the results of independent research which confirmed the effectiveness and safety of iBright."


Quantitative research was conducted on a group of 100 people with various stages of teeth discolouration. Half of them used iBright for 7 days. The rest used a similar product but with different ingredients. It was noted that people who used iBright had 8-12 shades whiter teeth after approx. 5 days. This confirmed the product's 100% effectiveness!

iBright is laboratory tested and recommended by doctors from around the world. The product is also safe for enamel, that is why you can use it safely. TRY NOW


Alice, 28 years old (UK)

"I ordered iBright before my wedding. I wanted to look gorgeous on that important day. I used it for a few days and was really amazed by the result! I can totally recommend it for everyone! And my wedding photos look great!"

Anna, 42 years old (Czech Republic)

"I tried to get rid of teeth stains many times, but I was never satisfied with the result. Since my husband bought me iBright, I can smile without embarrassment, 'cause I know my teeth are finally really white!"

Christopher, 34 years old (Greece)

"Everyone who likes to look after themselves knows that white teeth are a true attention grabber. iBright gives you confidence. It's an awesome product! I'm definitely going to use it."


Lu Mei, 28 years old (Tokyo)

"When I look good, I feel good. For me, teeth whitening is not only about the looks, but also healthy-looking teeth. iBright gave me gorgeous smile and lots of confidence – the difference is huge!"

Frank, 42 years old (Illinois)

"Hi, I'm Frank and I want to be a professional bodybuilder. But, even hours spent at the gym won't give me that confidence which I got from white teeth. Now I feel that I can achieve anything! All that thanks to iBright. Your product is great! One more time big thank you!"

Dan, 24 years old (New York)

"Hi, I'm Dan. I wanted to thank iBright 'cause the product is awesome! I've heard lots about it and decided to try it. You did a great job on developing that formula! Now I get a lot of compliments from my customers in my shop. They ask me what I use and what I did to have such white teeth. You created a top quality product. Thanks!!"

  • Alicia JonasI drink a lot of strong coffee so teeth staining is nothing new for me. I used different kinds of whitening paste, but there was no visible result. Most of them don't whiten teeth, but only help maintain already whitened teeth. No wonder I was still embarrassed about my smile. When I bought iBright I was skeptical. I thought I have thrown money down the drain again. I was wrong! Now my teeth are 9 shades whiter. The kit contains a special shade guide. I'm super happy that my teeth have changed so much. iBrightAlicia, it's great to hear that you love the product. We hope your new white smile has changed your attitude for the better :) Alicia JonasThanks! I'm sure my attitude will change towards many things. I think it has already changed! Now I smile more often :) Mark SeymourMy fiancée talked me into teeth whitening at the dentist's. I didn't want to do it because I thought it was expensive and, what was worse, that it's a long procedure. At the dental office, the dentist told us they use only iBright and we'd be happy with the results. So I went for it. And I'm thankful to my fiancée for pressing on me. After teeth whitening with iBright we became more confident and we smile more often. We're going to get married soon. All the guests will be looking at us. And we'll smile wide at them! Thank you for that product, the iBright team :) iBrightWe're happy that our product is not only used at home. Mark, we wish all the best to you and your fiancée! Mark SeymourThank you. I'll send you our wedding photo so you can see our gorgeous white teeth :D Barbara KnappI've just bought iBright because a friend of mine recommended it. Her teeth are really whiter now. She told me that after 5 days she saw great results. I was wondering if I could find time for that. My friend told me that I don't need the whole afternoon to do it. I'll put my kids to bed and I'll try it :) I'm so curious about the results! :) iBrightBarbara, we're also curious whether you'll be happy with the results! Will you let us know? Barbara KnappHello, iBright Team! I used your product for 7 days and I'm super happy! My teeth have never been so white. My friend was right. iBright is great and I don't need the whole afternoon to do the treatment. On day 4 of my treatment at home, my youngest son asked me if I had new teeth. I was really happy my little man noticed the change :) iBrightGreat! We're happy for you. Your son is a clever little boy. We're sending him kisses :)
  • Henry O'ReillyA few weeks ago me and my wife had our 40th wedding anniversary. Our children have prepared a surprise party for us. Lots of guests, all our family, food, and drink! I saw that my wife was hiding her teeth in every photo. When I asked her about it, she said she was embarrassed about her discoloured teeth. Soon after that, I decided to surprise her with a gift. I bought iBright for her. And you know what? On Sunday we're going to the 18th birthday party of our oldest grandson and my wife can't stop smiling to the mirror. She says her teeth have never been so white :) Thank you iBright! iBrightHenry, you have a wonderful family! Congratulations to your wife for such a great change. We hope that from now on she will have a wide smile in every family photo. Adrian WallaceI've been smoking a pack of cigarettes every day for many years. I've tried to quit many times but I failed. My wife kept saying that my teeth are nearly brown because of cigarettes. I didn't listen to her. I didn't want to listen to her. I thought that she would nag me for some time and then she would stop. But when we came back from our holidays and I was browsing through our photos on the TV screen...I was horrified! My teeth were nearly brown! I ordered iBright online and started using it according to the instructions which are very clear. After 5 days I saw satisfactory results and after 7 days my teeth became 7 shades whiter! I know that years of smoking have done lots of damage and my teeth will never be super white again, but the result I achieved with iBright exceeded my expectations :) Thank you! iBrightCongratulations! You will be able to repeat the treatment after some time. We hope the result will be even better, Adrian! Violetta CaneI ordered iBright because my sister was buying it at that time. She was going to some kind of company party and she wanted to look dazzling. I laughed at her because I thought that proper teeth whitening can only be done at the dentist's, and at home, you can only clean them well. So I put my iBright in the cupboard and forgot about it. After a few weeks, my sister called to tell me about the party, so I thought she wanted to brag about her white teeth. When I saw her I was shocked! In a positive way. She was smiling and looked like a star! After that, I decided to give it a try. I read the instruction manual and used it for 5 days and today I can smile like my sister. My teeth are finally white! iBrightVioletta, we are glad we have surprised you :) We love stories like this. All the best to you and your sister :) Violetta CaneThank you. I'm really happy with the results and I'll definitely recommend it to my friends :D


  • ABC

    One of the most popular TV stations in the USA has revealed the secret of the biggest Hollywood stars' white teeth. According to the station, celebrities owe their beautiful smiles to the revolutionary iBright formula.

  • CNN

    According to the report prepared by international dentists and scientists, quoted by CNN, hydroxyapatite crystals significantly affects the effectiveness of teeth whitening products. This report has been prepared on the basis of many years of research.

  • NBC

    Sodium perborate is recognized by the US Food and Drug Administration as a safe and healthy substance. It removes not only surface discoloration, but also teeth stains in the deeper layers. Thanks to iBright many happy patients enjoy their beautiful smile.


By making a purchase on our site, you are guaranteed that the product you receive will be 100% original, effective and safe.


We are certain of the effectiveness of our products, that is why we give you a 100% money back guarantee. It means that you can return any unopened product within 90 days if you think that it does not fulfill your expectations.

1. How does iBright work?
Oxygen atoms, released by iBright ingredients, cause whitening of teeth stains. The product is equally effective in brightening entire dental arches, single teeth, and tooth fragments. Thanks to the advanced formula, iBright guarantees the same effect as wearing mouth trays for many hours. Simply use iBright for 30 minutes on the first day and then 10 to 20 minutes on consecutive days.
2. What is inside the kit?
Each kit contains whitening gel (15 ml), a 5-watt LED lamp, an elastic silicon mouth tray, a shade guide, preparation spray (5 ml), 5 whitening tissues with fluorine and an instruction manual.
3. How to use iBright?
There are two treatment methods. During the 5-day treatment, whitening sessions should be done only on the first (30 minutes) and the fifth day (20 minutes). For the 7-day treatment, the sessions should be done on the first day (30 minutes) and on the fourth and the seventh day (10 minutes). The principle of iBright is very simple. Before the start of the session, apply a whitening tissue to your finger, spray it with preparation spray and clean your teeth for 1 minute. Then attach the mouth tray to LED lamp, apply the whitening gel to the top and bottom mouth tray and place it in the mouth. Turn on the LED lamp and leave it on for the duration of the session. The lamp will turn off automatically after 10 minutes. If the session needs to last longer, switch on the device again.
4. Is iBright a safe product?
The iBright formula, based on sodium perborate, has been additionally enriched with hydroxyapatite crystals which help the whitening gel adhere to teeth stains and start the whitening process. The neutral pH of the product also reduces sensitivity. The advanced formula makes whitening with iBright quick and comfortable.
5. Is iBright formula based on real scientific research?
Our team consists of talented scientists, dentists and dental hygiene experts. They have made sure that the product developed by them guarantees a brighter and healthier smile in only a few days. The product also eliminates discolouration left by previous generation products.
6. How long will I wait for the parcel?
Your order will be processed within two working days. The product will be packaged in a discreet packaging and delivered by courier service. However, in a case of foreign orders, we require payment in advance. If you want iBright to be delivered to you in Poland, you can also choose "cash on delivery" option.
7. Will one kit be enough to achieve the desired result?
Depending on the treatment method, one kit is enough for 5 or 7 days. Most of our customers are happy with the results which are achieved during the treatment with iBright. However, it all depends on how strong your teeth discolouration is.
8. Are the results long-lasting?
iBright is a very effective teeth whitening product. However, you should remember that no product or treatment in a dental office will whiten your teeth forever. After some time your teeth may be covered in residue called plague caused by drinking coffee, tea or smoking. Then you can use iBright again.
9. Can anyone use iBright?
iBright does not cause any side effects and is recommended for healthy adults. However, if you are under 18 or you are experiencing a health problem, please bear in mind that you must consult your doctor before using any treatment. iBright is not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women!
10. Is the parcel discreet?
We respect the privacy of our customers and we understand that for some people teeth discolouration is a problematic issue. That is why we send the products in a discreet package. No one needs to know about your problem unless you tell them yourself.
11. How long will I have to wait for the parcel?
Your order will be processed within two working days. The product will be packaged in a discreet packaging and delivered by courier service. However, in a case of foreign orders, we require payment in advance. If you want iBright to be delivered to you in Poland, you can also choose "cash on delivery" option.
12. Is there any form of warranty?
We are entirely certain of the effectiveness of our products. That is why we offer you 100% money back guarantee. It means that you can return any unopened product at any time if you think it does not fulfill your expectations.
13. Where can I buy iBright?
Our products are available on this website and on Allegro. We do not use third party man. That is why we can offer you special low prices for products of the highest quality. At the same time, we can oversee the entire distribution process and you can be sure that you receive an original product.
14. How long will I wait for the parcel?
Deliveries in Poland are sent via a courier. The ordered product should reach you within 1-2 working days from the moment of placing your order.
15. Do you ship internationally?
Certainly. In the case of foreign orders, credit card payment is required.


  • More self-confidence
  • Amazing smile
  • Visibly whiter teeth in a few days

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